Hello Mellenium Buyers,

We welcome you to take advantage of incredible buying opportunities in this market. Afterall, you were priced out of the market before it corrected itself. Well, not anymore you can now afford a pretty nice place depending upon the area you want to live in. However, there is a caveat. You many have to make an offer again, and again, and again before your purchase agreement is accepted.  The reality is there are not as many properties as we would like available. Corporate entities control the inventory in my work area. Banks don't want to release a flood of properties onto the market and cause values to fall even further. Therfore, when homes become available there may be as many as 5+ offers, or more.

Don't be discouraged. Hang in there. There is a home with your name on it. Keep looking, and keep making offers. Be prepared to write clean offers without a lot of demands. These don't compete well. The bank does not want to sell the property "as-is" at and "as-repaired" price.  Before the home is listed the value of the property with and without repairs has been determined by the input of several different members of the marketing strategy team. Don't plan to buy as-is, and lower the offer price, and later come back and ask for repairs. That is a good way to stay on the side lines of homeownership. Be fair. Make a win-win offer. Your offer will be more competitive and you just may get that counter offer that you can accept and move into escrow with.

Stay tuned there will more tips to help you capitalize on this never before seen market of ours. There is a silver lining in every cloud, and it is now your turn. Best to you in you house hunting.